Our beginnings date back to 1996, in a small garage space, with two employees, but great enthusiasm and faith in success. Today is a company with over 60 employees, 5200 m2 work space and over 500 clients.
We have reached a high position and we are constantly trying to maintain it.
In order to have a superior and quality product in different dimensions we constantly invest and follow the world’s trends.
In 2018, we invested in solar power plant (we installed photovoltaic panels) with a capacity of 425 KWh. We achieved production of 500 MW of electricity in one year.
At the same time, this amount of produced “green” electricity reduces the emission of 470 tons of harmful carbon dioxide (CO2). Part of this electricity is used for our own needs and the surplus is placed on the distribution network.
Our old vehicles using petrol were replaced with new electric vehicles for distribution of our products.

These measures seriously contributed to reducing the pollution and the negative effects on climate changes and we are gradually achieving our goal to become “100% green company”.
Your project, your organization and your brand are in good hands.
We want to assure you that your product will be of top quality and delivered on time.
Your success is our success as well.

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The position on the market is maintained with monitoring the new developments in technology, investing in new technology from top world manufacturers such as Heidelberg, Muller Martini, RileCart, Kodak…

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